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I am retired from the golf business and began photographing projects on the course as a method of documenting progress. I found I really enjoyed the getting that one good shot and it has spawned a love for the art and craft of photography. I'm enjoy how the techincal side of taking a picture interacts with the art side of composition.
Nikon D 7000 or D 600 with Nikoon24-120 f4 nikon 70-200 2.8 and Tonika 12-24 f4 as my main lenses. For golf tournaments I use a Nikon 18-200 F5.6. or carry both bodies with the 24-120 on one and my Nikon 80-400 on a mono.
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I love photographing golf and golf courses. Being from New England, I enjoy shooting lighthouses and the other lovely New England landscapes and sites available
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