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Deanna Johnston


Billings, United States
Deanna Johnston (Illustrationsbydeanna)

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I worked for many years as a Technical Illustrator using AutoCAD to create Patent Illustrations. I learned Digital Imaging and 3d modeling for fun in my spare time.

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August 13, 2014
Most of my illustrations are rendered from 3d models I created and painted in Blender. I usually include a .png file with transparent background as Blender is very good at making a clean transparency without any fireflies or other problems. Open the .png file in software like Photoshop that is able to display transparency.
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I have an acre of land in Montana where I grow as much food as I can and raise lots of chickens. My favorite subject at the moment is eggs. I am amazed to discover that eggs come in all different sizes and colors. I have started using eggs in various craft projects and find the shape and texture very pleasing. I'm finding it just as fun to model the egg form and paint it within the computer.

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