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Jeanne Provost


Wilsonville, United States
Jeanne Provost (Jeanneprovost)

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I am a NW Artist and Photographer, My background is in Architectural Interiors. I started painitng and showing my art 21 years ago. Since I was 17 I have loved photography I worked after school and saved up my money and bought a Canon AE-1, I have always loved photography, but just started showing and selling it as Fine Art 6 years ago. I love stock photography and have been shooting it for five years and am in the process of gettting my work out into the world. Hope you enjoy!

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February 13, 2007
Canon D-5, and Canon D-20 along with lenses 24mm to 400mm IS, Tripod
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I really love shooting a variety of subjects along with creating my own still lifes in my studio.My favorite time of day to shoot is in the early morning light. I love being outdoors, and setting up my camera and waiting for the sun to rise, and as it does to begin shooting. It is very peaceful and it does something for your soul...
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