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Reynaldo Martinez been Mexican photographer in the City of Mérida, Yucatan Mexico, with but of 15 years of experience in a the professional photography, being at the moment my area of work the photography of publicity and illustration; my specialties are: style life, product, drinks and foods, glamour, fashion and illustration.

Philosophy: For me the photography is more than to have a way to gain the life to me, for me it is a style of being. Sometimes the life offers radiating days and other plenty to us of mist and ominous skies; reflecting this is most difficult to shape, that the challenge for me, to watch of very personal way; as the American photographer already wrote Kenneth Parker: "in eye of the to beginner there are many possibilities, in the eye of the expert there are only to few"
Canon 6d 4 speedetron 400 watts 2 Godox 320 watts
Sujets préférés :
Fashion, travel, drinks and food

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