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Coldstream, Canada

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My name is Robyn Heenan, and I am a young, agreeable, honest, and passionate woman. I live in the sunny Okanagan Valley, in British Columbia, Canada. These highly diverse lands and waters are my motivation for my artistic endeavours, and photographic images. I wouldn't want to view the diversity that I have found here in any other way than through loving hands and eyes, and two feet willing to take me anywhere for the excuse of snapping a great shot. I capture the world that I am living ... plus

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November 18, 2007
Canon Rebel xTi
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If I had to pick a favourite subject in the world of photography, it would be... macro shots. I simply love little details, morphed through magnification to have BIG impact! The shapes, forms, colours, patterns, and more that you can find within something so small when you take the time to look at it closely--is beautiful and often very stylistic. The compositions you can achieve and levels of abstractness are very amazing as well!

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