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On November 15th I had a $28.12 sale, 50 credits, TIFF.

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It is not the only use of them, maybe someone wants to put it as backdrop for a model or in a kids book, etc. Also maybe a photo has an idea that it is not so commercial and during the contest voting period the subject it is not searched and you have a p ... [En savoir plus...]

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If someone download an image from contest doesn't mean that the photo was the best of all, because the person buys it for a specific need, the image idea was useful in his work.

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Alexandra Barbu


Bucuresti, Romania
Alexandra Barbu (Allexxe)

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I love all kind of arts and I love to create, it is the biggest gift we have from our Creator (we are made in His image, there is nothing we can't do ). I started photography as a hobby, later I got a diploma accredited by the Ministry of Labor, but I evolved rather as a self-educated photographer by studying photography related books, seeing lots and lots of real photos and internet played a role too. It is amazing to see how reality is perceived from the same perspective and h ... plus

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November 8, 2014
I usually use a Canon DSLR and various lens (tele included). Open soul, sharp eye, imagination, music, books, notes and more.
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I can find or see something interesting in every subject. I am a curious person and this leads me to learn more about different aspects of life and world.
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Je suis un photographe travaillant exclusivement avec