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Lane Erickson


Idaho, United States
Lane Erickson (Eric1513)

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Bring on new and wonderful opportunities to be creative! There are abundant opportunities for creativity and success and I love to explore them.

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August 30, 2006
I recently began using the Nikon D7100 for larger files. I also use the D5100 with the articulating viewing screen. Both these cameras are awesome in taking photos and have opened up numerous new shooting options for me that I've never tried before now!!!! I also have and use the Nikon D200, D80 (D70 old pictures), and an assortment of awesome nikkor lenses and speedlights. I now carry the Nikon D5100 all the time so I am never without a camera. This has resulted in several great stock shots.
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I love to explore whatever I find in front of me when I have a camera in my hands! I also love to use a variety of lenses to see how differently I can make a subject look. .
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